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Year one

Friday 22nd January 2021

Phonics and Reading

The following groups are the children’s phonics groups. Please ensure they tell you what group they are in so you click on the right link! Click on the colour word.

Hedgehog phonics group with Mrs Holmes: - ur

Book to read: pink  - The Dragon Balloon

Swan phonics group with Miss Weeks:er  (recapping)

Book to read: Red – Quiz

Fox phonics group with Mrs McGillivray: - u-e

Owl Phonics group with Mrs Alford: - recap of phonics

Books to Read for Fox and Owl phonics groups

Yellow: Leek Hot Pot                      

Blue: Tom, Dad and Colin

Green: The Orchid Thief

Orange: A pony for the day

Turquoise: Rumplestiltskin

Children in Hedgehog and Swan phonics groups, reading books in pink and red bands, can access additional reading resources here. Please access resources for day 5.


Oak National Academy:

Learning for today: to find information in a text

Support activity: To write thought bubbles to show how a character is feeling (If you find the main activity a bit tricky)


Main Activity: P2

Support Activity: P2

Extension Activity: Year 2 X2

Maths (White Rose):

Main Activity:       Find and make number bonds

Support activity:  (if you are finding the one above a bit tricky)  - Find number bonds within 10

You could also try this - YouTube link for pairs of 6

Extension Activity (if you’d like a challenge) Happy Birthday


Main activity: Year 2 D3

Support activity: Year 1 L5

Extension Activity: Year 2 D2

Additional Activities

Support with Oxford Owl reading books:

Login (as a parent) using the following details;


Password: Covid21

There is often a message that says ‘we’re sorry…’   but if you scroll down the page all your coloured level books are shown. Click on today’s book and click read.

If that doesn’t work type the name of the book you want into the search bar at the top ‘Quick Book Search’.