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Science at our school

The children will learn about…

  • Materials: material names and properties, use and suitability of materials, how materials can be changed.
  • Plants and trees: the names and structure of different plants and trees, growing in different conditions, plants in their habitats.
  • Animals, including humans: the names and types of different animals, the diets of different animals, the human body and five senses, human needs including exercise, healthy eating and hygiene.
  • Seasons: the four seasons and how they change overtime, day length and daily weather.
  • Living things and their habitat: food chains, habitats, and things that are ‘living, dead, or never been alive’.

Community and school based projects that show the wider implications of science today, and for the future.

The intent of our Science curriculum is to equip children with a range of skills and knowledge so they can question and investigate the world around them. Children will learn to understand the importance of science outside the classroom, and develop a love for exploring and helping the natural world.


The children will learn to

  • Make first hand observations
  • Use secondary sources
  • Sort, classify and identify
  • Perform simple tests
  • Record data
  • Use their observations to answer questions
  • Predict, compare and make conclusions.


What will they use

  • The power of Talk/discussion
  • A range of simple equipment
  • The school grounds and allotment
  • Their senses and first hand experiences
  • Drawing and labelling
  • Writing
  • Simple charts
  • Video clips and photographs
  • Books
  • Pictures
  • Computer research