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Welcome to Dolphin Class, Special Support Centre (SSC)

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At Field Place Infants, in addition to our mainstream provision, we also have a Speech and Language Special Support Centre (SSC) with places for twelve Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils from West Sussex, who have a significant, specific, speech and/or language disorder. The SSC provides specialist, intensive and collaborative speech and language teaching and therapy for these pupils.

The SSC is an integral part of the whole school, allowing our pupils to access the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum, whilst also appropriately differentiating to each child’s needs. 

The children and their parents have full access to the range of social, recreational and extra-curricular activities and facilities offered by the school. 

Children in Reception spend the majority of their day in their reception classes. They  attend individual or small group sessions with the Speech and Language Therapist to work on their speech and language therapy targets. They also have additional group sessions with the SSC Teacher in Charge on some afternoons each week.

Most children in Years One and Two come to Dolphin Class each morning for their maths, literacy and phonics lessons, where they can benefit from working in a smaller class with higher levels of adult support.  They may join their mainstream class for these lessons when they are confident and ready to do so. The children return to their mainstream classes each afternoon and access lessons such as music, PE, topic, and RE.  Each pupil is provided with carefully planned and monitored inclusion in their mainstream class.  Children may be taken out for individual or small group sessions in the afternoons to work on their speech and language therapy targets.

Our Dolphin Class team:

  • Miss Joanna Turner (Teacher in Charge)
  • Miss Jenny Spring (Learning Support Assistant)
  • Mrs Meike Purser (Learning Support Assistant)
  • Mrs Sian Marshall (Learning Support Assistant)

If you have any questions or concerns please come and see us at the end of the day, phone us, or write to us in your child’s Home - School Communication Book.