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Friday 22nd January 2021

Phonics and Reading 

  • Children Learning Set 1 sounds watch ‘Set 1 Speed Sounds – b’ 
  • Children Recapping Set 1 Sounds watch ‘Set 1 Speed Sounds -b’ and ‘Set 1 Word Time Reading’ 
  • Children Ready for Set 2 Sounds watch ‘Set 1 Spelling’ and ‘Set 2 Speed Sounds – ‘ee’  - back to the beginning! How well do you know the set two sounds?

Remember to get your little green phonics book out to practise all the sounds you know too! 

Additional Phonics Activities  

Fred Talk Practise

Today play a game out on your walk (or out the window) – I spy in Fred Talk e.g. I spy a b-u-s

Lilac Level Readers: -

Go back to Green Words Set 3 today – do you remember any after a little break? How many can you blend without pausing the video?

Book to Read for Pink Level Readers

Nog in the Fog (Ditty 3):Sam Gets a Shock – the word ‘he’ is a new red word for this book – make sure you look at it and talk about it first.


Oak National Academy:

The Gingerbread Man:

Lesson 5: To Explore Description through Role Play

IXL: Main Activity: F5 - Find the Short u word “u as in cup”


White Rose: 

Session 5: Measuring Ingredients

Main Activity don’t worry if you don’t have the ingredients – you could create shopping list instead or you could measure the ingredients for dinner together.

IXL:  Main activity: H5 – subtraction to 5

Additional daily activities

  • Oak National Academy – PSHE ‘Love for Pets’
  • Live PE with Joe Wicks
  • Play Idea for today: Why not try setting up your own café? Can you make a menu? Use the capacity vocabulary you’ve learned to offer sizes of drinks to your customers

Support with Oxford Owl reading books:

  1. Login (as a parent) using the following details;


Password: Covid21

  1. If that doesn’t work type the name of the book you want into the search bar at the top ‘Quick Book Search’.