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Reading intervention

Reading with confidence is central to future learning. At Field Place we recognise that supporting children who have fallen behind in their acquisition of reading skills; with timely, bespoke intervention, is essential. This early intervention begins in the Autumn term of reception.
Children are identified as needing additional support by analysing outcomes of their half termly phonics assessments and through teachers ongoing formative assessment during both phonics and reading sessions.
Interventions are bespoke for each child but will usually consist of a combination of the following aspects; dependent on an individuals need:
•    1:1 phonics sessions building the child’s speedy recognition of each sound and teaching a new sound if appropriate.
•    Blending practise using ‘green words’ showing ‘dot and dash’ side of word cards.
•    Building up children’s repertoire of ‘slap downs’; I.e, ‘green words’ known quickly by looking at side of word cards without ‘dot and dashing’. 
•    Quickly spotting all ‘special friends’ within words, I.e, digraphs and trigraphs.
•    Flash card work building up children’s bank of automatically known ‘core’ words when reading.
•    1:1 book share with a focus on building each child’s fluency.

Success is measured both through children’s attainment in formal assessments and through ongoing formative assessments made by teachers. Assessment within lessons demonstrates how effectively children are using reading skills taught.

Children are also given resources, I.e. sound cards, additional decodable books etc. to use at home. This is to enable frequent practise of skills being taught at school. Class teachers meet with parents/carers during parents evenings to explain how to use the cards before they are sent home.

Ongoing CPD and dialogue between support staff and class teachers is an essential element that ensures success for all children.