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Reading at home

10 Benefits children gain from reading

  1. Their vocabulary is larger and more extensive.
  2. They perform better academically.
  3. Their imagination can run wild.
  4. Their creativity skills develop.
  5. They develop empathy.
  6. They gain a deeper understanding of their world.
  7. Their concentration levels improve.
  8. The parent and child bond improves.
  9. Their cognitive development is supported.
  10. Their social skills and interaction improve.

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Follow this BookTrust link for ideas about how to foster a love of reading in all of your children - from babies to teens!

Watch this video to learn the first 5 "tricky words". These are words you cannot learn by sounding out.

There are more resources and another video explaining how we teach the earlier stages of reading on our Reading Resources page - Have fun helping your child to learn a skill they will use daily for the rest of their lives!