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RE at our school


The children will learn about…

  • The main symbols and ideas of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism
  • How people celebrate religious events and festivals
  • What it means to belong
  • The importance of places of worship
  • Morality and questions of right and wrong
  • Similarities and differences


The intent of our RE curriculum is that children will know and understand that people have different religious beliefs.  They will be confident to talk about their own identity. They will question and explore new ideas.  They will become thoughtful and kind global citizens.  They will reflect on their life so far and develop dreams for the future.

The children will learn to

  • Ask and answer questions about different beliefs
  • Express ideas and listen to others with tolerance
  • Reflect on the meaning of religious stories
  • Use subject specific vocabulary

Respond to big questions that develop their understanding of the World


What will they use

  • The power of Talk/discussion
  • Mind maps
  • Books
  • Pictures
  • Artefacts
  • Drama/role play
  • storytelling
  • Video clips
  • Visits to places of worship