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Nursery News

Nursery Rhymes

Our current Nursery Rhyme that we are learning is 'Jelly on a Plate'. You should receive a copy of the rhyme this week so that you can join in at home too! Practise lots and lots - say it on the way to school, say it over dinner, say it in the bath! 

September Update

As the children have been settling into nursery life, and getting to know their new key adults and new friends, our learning focus has been:

  • To separate from our parents with support from key nursery adults.
  • To be confident to explore different areas of the nursery, as well as new activities.
  • To play alongside other children and begin to join in with group play.
  • To take turns with resources with adult support.

We are very pleased with how everyone has settled so well into their new routine - well done!

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