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Nursery Information

In our nursery we understand that this is potentially the first time you will have left your child for any length of time and that this can be a very difficult yet very exciting prospect for both of you!!

Therefore, we all work hard in the nursery to make sure everyone feels happy, safe and involved in their learning.  Working together with your children, and with you as parents, is a really important way of ensuring we are successful in doing this. 

Our Nursery Team


 Ms Lyons - Nursery Class Teacher


 Ms McGillivray - Nursery Class Teacher


Mrs Campbell - Learning Support Assistant

Miss Rodgers- Learning Support Assistant

Mr Woods- Learning Support Assistant


Learning in Nursery

We work to initially support your children in all the prime areas of the early year’s curriculum.  These include personal and social skills, communication skills and physical skills. All areas are seen, and treated as equally important to the learning development of your child.

We encourage lots of talk to enable everyone to play together, share ideas, learn new skills and develop independence. We are also very fortunate to have our own outside area, which we use all year round whatever the weather!! We use all the different areas of nursery, playing and learning together, through your child’s many interests.

As we progress throughout the year we will look to work on specific areas of the curriculum and look at preparing your child for school.  

Our Nursery Environment

We have a wonderful outside learning space which is just for our nursery children. Inside is spacious and provides lots of opportunities for development across all areas of a child's development.







Photo credit: Amode Photography

A Place in our Nursery

We offer different sessions to accommodate you and your child, which amounts to the free 15 hours entitlement. Sessions include:

Beginning of the week: Monday 8.50-2.50, Tuesday 8.50-2.50, Wednesday 8.50-11.50

End of the week: Wednesday 11.50-2.50, Thursday 8.50-2.50, Fridays 8.50-2.50

We understand that occasionally children need to transfer to a new setting; please ensure that this happens at the end of a term wherever possible. We claim funding for each child at the beginning of a term and require a minimum of two weeks notice in order to transfer the funding allocated for a child's place to another setting. We require written notice of any change of setting.

We also now offer up to 15 full time places of 30 hours a week. Children who attend for 30 hours a week attend between 8.50 - 2.50 Monday to Friday. To qualify for this provision parents must be working for at least 16 hours a week. Please see Eliane Nicholson at school if you would like more information about the 30-hour provision.

Please phone: (01903 700234) or come and visit us if you want any further information or have any questions 

You will need a code to claim 30 hours nursery provision; please follow link below

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