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Music at our school

The children will learn about…

  • Listening to and Appraising
  • Singing
  • Playing un-tuned and tuned instruments
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Working collaboratively

The intent of our Music curriculum is to enable children to become confident, young musicians. That they develop an enjoyment of listening to, creating and performing music.

They will enjoy using music 

as an essential part of school, community and cultural celebrations.

What will they use

  • Their own voices
  • A range of tuned and un-tuned instruments
  • Online resources
  • Recorded music
  • Live music


The children will learn to

  • listen to a range of music and talk about how it makes them feel
  • use simple musical language to describe the music the hear
  • work together to sing songs, chants and rhymes
  • learn how to play instruments and use them to explore and create improvised music
  • use what they know about musical elements to compose their own music
  • record their own music in different ways
  • perform and share music with others with confidence.

African drum workshop