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Home learning

Welcome back to our home learning webpages! We hope we can welcome all children back to school in the near future. In the meantime please ensure your child engages in learning activities every school day. The expectation from the Government is that children at home will engage with Remote Learning if they are not at school. If you are having trouble engaging your child please contact the teacher responsible for overseeing your child's remote learning and they will offer you some suggestions to help motivate your child.

There is of course no expectation that children who are unwell will engage in home learning during that period.

Daily Learning Pages

Reception, Year 1, Year 2

Phonics and reading continues to be the most important subject to engage in if you have days where doing everything is too hard due to other pressures.

Please use these login details to access daily reading books for your child on the Reading Planet website

 Reading Planet Username: child's initial followed by their surname Password: the same as their IXL one

The Oak National Academy. The lessons are very good. You can watch the lessons with your child and then support them to do any follow up activities on paper.

Each year group has an English lesson, a Maths lesson and a lesson from a different subject to take part in every day. Please prioritise the English and Maths lessons over the other lessons on Oak. If your child would like to also do the other subject and you have time then please do.

Teachers will also recommend White Rose Maths lessons. There is no need for children to do Oak Academy and White Rose Maths; one or the other please! These lessons are also very good.

Quick links

Oak National Academy - reception

Oak National Academy - year 1

Oak National Academy  -  year 2

Quick links

White Rose Maths - early years (reception)

White Rose Maths - year 1

White Rose Maths - year 2

IXL all children will have a Maths and English task to explore each day. The English activities will be based on the grammar, punctuation and spelling parts of the National Curriculum.

The Maths tasks will sometimes align with the weekly learning and at other times they will provide children with opportunities to practise their number fluency.

if your child does not have access to a tablet, laptop or a PC you can also access Oak Academy, White Rose and the the phonics webpage via the web browsers on a PS4 or an Xbox. Please see guides below.

How to use the PS4 web browser

Gaining access to the PS4 web browser is pretty straightforward. Go to your main home screen and there should be an app showing 'www' which says 'Internet Browser'. Clicking this should bring up a web browser that will allow you to search for sites like you would on a desktop browser. 

It's worth noting you can't access the likes of Zoom on the browser as the application isn't supported but you can use it to access emails and web pages.

How to use the Xbox One web browser

Finding the Xbox One web browser isn't as straightforward as with the PS4 (unless you already have the app pinned), but it's still pretty hassle-free. From the Xbox One home page, go to 'My Games and Apps' and then scroll down to 'Apps'. Under your apps you should see an app that has a white 'e' on a blue background (the Microsoft Edge symbol), this is the Xbox's web browser. 

When you first open the web browser, there should be a page explaining how to 'surf the web with the Xbox One controller'.

You can't access the likes of Zoom as it isn't supported.