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Home learning

It is great that we are now fully open for all children. We are however also aware that there will be short periods of time, up to two weeks, where children may not be able to come into school. We will therefore be updating this webpage weekly to ensure all children who are well enough to engage in learning but need to be at home can still access daily learning challenges.

The focus of any learning done at home will be on English and Maths as this is also the main focus for children at school this term.

There is of course no expectation that children who are unwell or have parents who are unwell will engage in home learning.



We would recommend that all children with internet access do a supervised  daily phonics session wherever possible.

Please ask children who their phonics teacher is then click on that name to see what sounds to cover, only 1 sound a day please.

Year 1 Phonics group  Year 2 Phonics group

Mrs Alford (set 3)

Miss Weeks (set 2)

Mrs McGillivray (set 2)

Mrs Holmes (set 1)

Miss Turner (set 2)

Ms Bourne/ Mrs Thatcher (set 3)

Mrs Gunner (set 3)

Miss Purrier (set 3)

All reception classes Reception (set 1)


Oxford Owl

Collins - Big Cat

log in to teacher area


Please choose the colour book your child usually brings home.

IXL online learning


IXL Maths

IXL English
Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 1 Yr 2
Monday C1 A3 B2 K1
Tuesday C5 A5 E1 K2
Wednesday C6 A6 E2 K3
Thursday C7 A9 E4 Q1
Friday C8 A10 F1 Q2

Oak National Academy

Please also take a look at the English and Maths lesson offered by The Oak National Academy. The lessons are very good. You can watch the lessons with your child and then support them to do any follow up activities.

Each year group has an English lesson, a Maths lesson and a lesson from a different subject to take part in every day. Please prioritise the English and Maths lessons. If your child would like to also do the other subject and you have time that is fine too.

Please click on your child's group to go to the current weekly schedule:


Year 1

Year 2

You will be able to contact your child's teacher by emailing name of your child's, e.g.,

Please be aware that your child's teacher will only be able to reply after the school day has finished.










































We would also recommend children watch and participate in the Oak National Academy, English and Maths lessons during the time they are off school.

Oak National Academy - reception

Oak National Academy - year 1

Oak National Academy  -  year 2

You can contact their teacher via email, child's class name followed by

Please note that your child's teacher will not be able to respond until after the school day has finished.