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History at our school

The children will learn about…

  • The difference between past and present
  • Describe changes within living memory
  • Learn about significant events beyond living memory
  • Way of life at different times
  • Lives of significant individuals
  • Events, people and places in own locality


The intent of our History curriculum is to enable children to develop a fascination, curiosity and interest in the past. They will develop their knowledge and understanding of people and events that have shaped the world they live in today.

The children will learn to

  • Ask and answer questions about the past
  • Use and interpret a range of sources
  • Order events or artefacts on a  timeline
  • Use subject specific vocabulary
  • Talk, draw and write about the past


What will they use

  • The power of Talk/discussion
  • Books
  • Pictures
  • Paintings
  • Drama/role play
  • storytelling
  • Video clips
  • Eye witness account
  • Historical buildings


Great Fire of London Workshop