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Geography at our school

The children will learn about…

  • Natural and man-made features
  • The four countries that make up the UK and where they live
  • Different climates in relation to the equator
  • The continents and seas of the world
  • The seasons and how weather can change each day
  • How we can look after our world



The intent of our Geography curriculum is that children will become responsible global citizens.They will use geographical sources to understand where they live.  Through a topic-based approach,they will consider similarities and differences and how humans can shape the landscape in which they live.  Our cornerstone, ‘love of the natural world’ underpins the children’s investigation of the earth’s seas and continents.

The children will learn to

  • Observe and record what they see
  • Use simple maps and recognise geographical features in aerial views
  • Ask questions and research answers
  • Use subject specific vocabulary
  • Discuss the impact of human behaviour on the environment


What will they use

  • Observations
  • The power of talk/discussion
  • Maps/Atlases
  • Globes
  • Pictures
  • Artefacts
  • Video clips
  • Weather forecasts