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DT at our school

The children will learn about
⦁ structures, and how to make them stronger
⦁ how levers, sliders, wheels and axles work
⦁ joining materials in different ways, including sewing
⦁ healthy eating and food preparation


The intent of our DT curriculum is to enable children to become confident  designers, makers and evaluators.  Our curriculum enables children to
⦁ Understand that products are made for different users and purposes.
⦁ Develop resilience and a ‘can do’ attitude by experimenting with ideas and taking risks to solve problems.
⦁ Confidently express their views and ideas, whilst at the same time taking on board the ideas of others.

The children will learn to…
⦁ design products for different contexts and purposes
⦁ try out their ideas and know that it is ok to change them if they don’t work
⦁ use a variety of tools, materials and equipment safely and accurately
⦁ evaluate both their own and existing products, thinking about the design criteria



What will they use…

  •  their growth mindset and resilience to try new ways when ideas don’t work out as planned
  • the power of talk to discuss their likes and dislikes and their ideas and those of others
  • existing products to see how they work and are made
  • a variety of tools and materials including food