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Curriculum Statement

We want everyone at Field Place to be ‘Building Bright Futures Together’. We design our curriculum to ensure that children attain academic excellence through a broad, balanced and creative curriculum.

Our expectations of children are high. We want all children to gain skills, which enable them to become citizens of the future and to lead confident, healthy and independent lives, making a valued and positive contribution to society.

Our curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and additional experiences and opportunities that meet the needs of our children and their future aspirations.

The joy of childhood is reflected in the opportunities we provide within a safe, secure and nurturing environment that celebrates every child as an individual.


Our curriculum cornerstones build the confidence and independence our children need to develop goals and aspirations for the future. 

Growth Mindset (Challenge Yourself)

Our school community believe that effort and hard work leads to personal growth.  We teach our children the value of perseverance, self-belief and resilience. At Field Place Infant School, we are all on a journey of self-improvement and embrace challenge.

The Power of Talk (Believe in yourself)

Our curriculum celebrates the power of talk.

Our nursery enriches children’s vocabulary and develops the link between using our words and managing our feelings.

Our special support centre recognises the importance of communication in all its forms.  Expressing ideas and broadening vocabulary is at the heart of its mission.

Talk is at the centre of our broader curriculum.  We teach our children to explain their learning, share and debate their ideas and to value the ideas of others. Our curriculum builds confidence through drama, performance and opportunities to express learning.

Love of the Natural World (Have Fun)

Our school grounds offer the opportunity for outside learning, curiosity and exploration.  Our children are passionate about caring for the environment and show a natural love of animals and plants. Our curriculum builds on this and ensures that children leave us understanding the importance of caring for the natural world.

Broadening Horizons (Be Curious)

Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to visit places and meet people who might shape their dreams for the future.


We initially support children in all the prime areas of the early year’s curriculum. These include personal and social skills, communication skills and physical skills.  All areas are considered equally important to the development of children.

We encourage lots of talk to enable everyone to play together, share ideas, learn new skills and develop independence.  The outside area is used all year round, whatever the weather. Children play and learn together through their many interests.

As the year progresses, we work on specific areas of the curriculum and prepare children for school.


We offer a well-resourced, play-based curriculum and have a large team of adults working to support and challenge children in all area of their development.  We develop the characteristics of effective learning by exploring new experiences, being creative thinkers, using what children know and building resilience and perseverance.

Our play-based curriculum focuses on developing children’s knowledge and understanding through their interests. Children can access outside learning in all weathers and work collaboratively on a large scale, exploring the natural world.  Our teaching builds on what children have been doing and introduces new skills and concepts to take back into their play.

Key Stage One and Dolphin Class (SSC)

In Key Stage One, children are immersed in topics, which both excite and enrich.  Curriculum links and purposeful learning lead to engaged children who are eager to talk about what they have learnt.

Our curriculum is underpinned by high academic expectations and opportunities to embed and demonstrate skills.

  • Learning to read, developing a love of reading and accessing the wider curriculum through reading, is given high status within the curriculum.
  • Communicating ideas and experiences through purposeful writing is central to our topic-based approach. Children also have opportunities to initiate writing around their personal interests and experiences.
  • Engendering a love of challenge is core to our maths curriculum.  Children learn key mathematical skills and investigate their growing knowledge through problem solving and challenges.

Collaborative learning and talk ensures that children can learn from, and support, their peers.  Our topics incorporate exciting starts, home projects, creativity, visits and visitors, celebrations and opportunities for further research and learning.

Children leave Field Place with the skills, confidence and love of learning to continue to build their bright future.

"If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow."

~ Alfie Kohn