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Art at our school

The children will learn about…

  • how to evaluate and analyse their art and the that of other artists, using language
  • great artists and how they produce their work
  • how art is part of their history and culture
Alma Woodsey Thomas
Paul Klee



The intent of our art curriculum is to engage, inspire and challenge our children with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art.


The children will learn to

  • draw from observation, using line, shape, form and space
  • paint, mixing their own colours
  • develop other techniques like printing and collage
  • use colour, pattern and texture
  • create sculptures



What will they use

  • the power of talk as a response to their work and the work of other artists
  • their growth mind-set by having the confidence to take risks with a variety of techniques and media
  • their love of the natural world in creating pieces of art directly from nature
  • their broadening horizons through visiting artists
Andy Goldsworthy