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Parent Letter 21st October

I cannot believe we are at half term already – it has been such a positive experience being part of Field Place this term and I cannot thank you all enough for the welcome I have had.   As the term has progressed, I have been delighted with the progress the school is making and I hope that when you receive the Ofsted report you will be able to recognise the optimism about the future in the comments.   We have a clear plan for the future which is very exciting and whilst challenging, perfectly manageable.  If the progress we have made this half term is anything to go by then we will absolutely smash those targets! 

Next half term brings us closer to Christmas so you will receiving information about the celebrations we will be having and of the opportunity to be part of the fun!  It is my intention going forward to combine the solid learning experiences with a real sense of fun about school.  We want the children to really enjoy school and have a FAB time with a FAB approach (Fantastic Attitude & Behaviour).

It has been so enjoyable being part of the school community this half term but if I were pushed, I would say my three favourite things so far:

  • The children have been so welcoming and friendly, it makes each day a pleasure to be at the school.   My walks around the school are so enjoyable. 
  • The Behaviour of the children has been good and improving all the time – thank you for your support of this approach.  Better behaviour is good for everyone.  
  • The Alien Day last Friday was an absolute joy – the excitement and buzz (Lightyear???) about the place was awesome.  A big thanks to the staff for organising it, the parents for supporting it and the children for being out of this world! 

If I could have one thing better…………………………

I have talked to a few parents about the importance of setting a positive example to the children as adults, so let’s keep the high standard of how we are in front of the children showing courtesy to others, especially people like Linda the Lollipop Lady who does such a great job of keeping us all safe each day.  Give her a thank you now and again – I am sure she would appreciate it.  

Thank you all again for making this a wonderful half term and let’s all work together to make the next one even better – as the aforementioned Buzz Lightyear would say – to infinity and beyond! 

Best wishes                                                                                                                            Dr. Jones

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