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Parent Letter 10th September 2021

Dear Parents

Well, it has been a wonderful first week at Field Place and I would like to thank you all for the way that the children have been prepared for school, making it a very smooth start to the school year. In fact, I saw a little girl crying because she could not come to school! The good news was that we finally enjoyed a bit if summer so the sunshine (a bit late really!) and the smiles certainly made me feel welcome at the school. I have been lucky enough to meet so many wonderful children and I am sure we will be great friends for a long time! The children have got down to work quickly so I am very optimistic for a successful year for the school. We have been planning some great activities for the children in the coming months and, taking advantage of the restrictions being lifted, should bring a real sense of enjoyment to the children’s learning. Speaking of restrictions, please always be considerate of others in your movement around the school vicinity as well as ensuring that your leave your car with due regard to the homeowners of houses nearby.

We really value the importance of good communication and to this end please make sure you speak to us about anything you wish, either at the gate or through the class teacher e-mail. Please be considerate of when you would expect a response though. We all write e-mails at all different times but I have made it clear to the staff that we should be checking our e-mails at the beginning and end of each working day but not 24/7 as this is not a reasonable use of time. The e-mails are for your child’s class so Fox class is and so on.

As a person who has just started, I can highly recommend working here! You may be interested to know we are currently looking for a Midday meals supervisor for 10 hours per week Monday to Friday. If you are interested in this position, please contact the school office by telephone or e-mail:

We have also agreed to have the same Inset days as the Orchards so we will publish all the upcoming dates next week so you are kept fully informed. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Dr Jones