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​​​​​​​Week beginning 2nd March 2020

Information and Events

Thank you to everyone in year 1 and 2 who managed to meet with teachers for parents evening.  I know the children enjoyed showing you their work and I hope you found the meetings informative.  If anyone did not manage to make an appointment or had to cancel, please speak to teachers who will try to arrange an alternative time to meet with you. 

Book Week

We are looking forward to celebrating book week and have lots of things planned over the next two weeks.  On Thursday, we would like the children to dress as their favourite book character. The children will be visiting the local library and Scholastics Book Fair will be in all week.  There will be an opportunity for you to browse and buy books with your children. Can you please make sure the children have a warm coat and comfortable shoes for the walk to the library.


We are also looking forward to having living eggs in the school.  They will arrive on Monday and the children will be able to observe the chicks hatching over the next two weeks.  This supports our science curriculum as well as our curriculum cornerstone, Love of the Natural World.  As part of our Broadening Horizons curriculum cornerstone, a vet will be visiting the school later in March.  They will talk to year one children about caring for pets and to year two children about careers involving animal care.

After School Club

We can now confirm that we will be able to take ad-hoc bookings for the after-school club from Monday 9th March.  Ad-hoc sessions will cost £7.50 per child.  A letter with all the details will be coming out early next week.

Parent Survey

Each year we like to send out a school survey so we know the things that are going well and areas that parents feel we could improve. This survey will be coming out soon via text.  A high number of responses allows us to see which data is significant. 

Parking issues

I have been informed by West Sussex Highways that representatives spent time outside the school monitoring dangerous parking last week.  It will be no surprise to many of you that a number of vehicles had to be moved due to illegal parking and I am also aware that parking tickets were given out. I received a letter stating that some parents were, ‘completely irresponsible and endangered pedestrians’ and ‘if this issue is not addressed, someone at some point is going to get hurt!’

I am sure that many of you share my frustration around this issue.  The school dedicates itself to keeping children safe and it is hard to understand why some people cannot grasp the importance of road safety in an area where 800 young children need to get to school. 

If you were moved on by an officer last week, or received a parking ticket, I expect this to lead to a change in behaviour. Please either park away from the school and walk, or if you have difficulties due to work commitments, make use of our breakfast club facilities which are there to support working parents


Events this week


Visits to the local library for Fox, Squirrel, Mouse and some of Magpie 

Living Eggs arriving in school

Scholastics book fair for year one 2:30pm till 3:30pm in the staffroom


African drumming sessions

Visits to the local library for Hedgehog, Swan, Badger and some of Magpie 

Football tournament at the Orchards

Scholastic book fair year two 2:30pm till 3:30pm in the staffroom


Chartwells will be working with reception in the morning and year two in the afternoon to look at healthy eating.

Scholastic book fair timetable Reception and Nursery 2:30pm till 3:30pm in the staffroom


Dressing up as favourite book characters

Scholastic book fair for anyone who couldn’t make the other dates 2:30pm till 3:30pm in the staffroom

With Thanks

Theresa Alford