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​​​​​​​Week Beginning 10th February 2020

Information and Events

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the work of the NSPCC by having a numbers day.  Children can wear their own clothes, either of their favourite colour or something with a number on, such as a sports top.  We will be asking for a donation of at least £1.00 which will  go to support the NSPCC. 

Some children completed the Rainbow Relay with Chartwells last week, looking at healthy food choices.  The rest of year two will be taking part in this at the beginning of march.  I would like to thank parents for the lovely packed lunches that most children are now bringing in.  I have seen such a variety of healthy options and the children are really enjoying their food.

This week, Chartwells will be working with the year one children.  They will be looking at healthy food and learning more about how to use a knife and fork correctly.

After School Care

Following the news that Energy Kidz are no longer able to supply an after school club, you should have received a survey link via text.  This is to see whether it is at all possible for the school to run its own after school care.  Please take the time to consider whether this is something you would like to take up and let us know via the survey.  It will remain open until 5pm Tuesday.  We will then contact people who have stated they would use the club by email.  We realise there is some urgency to this and will let people know the situation as soon as we can.  The school will be able to accept childcare vouchers.   Please contact the school office on Monday if you did not receive the text link to the survey that was sent on Friday.


As we come to the end of the Fire of London topic, I would like to thank parents for the wonderful home projects that the children have produced.  This has had a positive impact on their power of talk and it is clear that they have discussed their knowledge and historic understanding with you


I previously requested that the children not wear large headbands that obscure the view of other children on the carpet and can also be quite sharp.  A few unicorns have recently reappeared!!  Could you please keep these for after school or weekends.  Thank you.


I have been monitoring late arrivals to school and note that some children are repeatedly arriving late. This impacts on the whole class and does not support children to settle well.  I would like to remind you of our policy.  If a child arrives at school after 9:10am, this counts as an unauthorised absence.  If a child accrues 10 unauthorised absences in 10 weeks, it is necessary to pass this information to the pupil entitlement team, who may then impose a fine. Please come and speak to me if you need support around attendance issues.  The children should be in school by 9:00am when the gate will close.

The last day of this half term in Friday 14th and we look forward to seeing the children back in school on Monday 24th February.

Events this week


NSPCC numbers day!  Children can wear clothing with a number on, such as a football top or wear their favourite colour clothing.  Please bring a donation for the NSPCC.  Thank you. 


Reception Parents Evening


Reception Parents Evening


Reception Parents Evening

Disco – year one 3:30 to 4:30

Disco – year two 5:00 till 6:00


Reception Parents Evening

Year one – Chartwells event including knife and fork training

Makaton sign of the week

With Thanks

Theresa Alford