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Week Beginning 27th January 2020

Information and Events

All the children really enjoyed the Scootfit event last week.  They were all taught the importance of safety and shown how to wear bike helmets correctly.  We hope this will help them keep safe in the future. If your child is bringing a scooter or bike to school, please ensure it is locked in the bike rack in the mornings.

Our History curriculum includes learning about significant events beyond living memory. This supports children to gain the skills of asking questions, using different sources and learning specific facts and vocabulary.  The children in year 1 and year 2 are currently learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’.  This will be brought to life this week by the Rainbow Theatre Company.  The visit will support the children to remember and order the key events, understand how and why the fire spread and think about the impact this had on both people and the landscape.  Please ask the children what they already know as I am sure they will enjoy telling you about this.

We had a near miss in our car park at the end of the day last week due to children using it as a playground while parents are waiting for children from the Orchards. The Orchards are able to lock their car park gates at the end of the day.  We are unable to do this, as learning support assistants finish work at 2.45 and need to be able to leave the site.  This means that allowing children to play in our car park is no different from allowing them to play in the middle of Nelson Road, which I am sure none of you would do. The children always need to be in in your sight and properly supervised at the end of the day. 

Energy Kidz

Please see attached the theme for this week.

Makaton Sign of the Week

Events this Week 

Wednesday – Rainbow Theatre (Fire of London Workshop) for year one and year two.

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Theresa Alford