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Week Beginning 7th October 2019

Information and Events

Sponsored Event

The sponsored event last week was a real success and raised over £600 for the school.  This money will be used to buy some new PE equipment; to pay for the friendship stops requested by the school council; and allow us to provide a special treat for the children at Christmas. Approximately £400 also goes to the charity to support unsponsored athletes.  With the wonderful results of the World Athletics Championships, we can see that this money is used well to encourage sporting talent for the future.

Arundel Trip

I would like to remind parents of children in Year One and Year Two that when the children go on their trip to Arundel Castle, they will need to be picked up from school at 3.15, not 2.30. This is to ensure they have enough time in Arundel to complete all the planned activities.


Events this week


I will be holding my first Headteacher’s Tea for outstanding behaviour.