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  • Parent letter 18th March

    Published 21/01/22

    It has been lovely to see the sun shining and hopefully the onset of Spring.  The school continues to be a very busy place with the children enjoying a variety of great activities with lots more to come.  We have seen the Fire of London, African dancing and some even more lively dancing from the staff during our Friday disco break times!  Thanks To Mrs Bourne and the School Council for that idea – it is fab! 


    The children will hopefully be talking to you about FAB points – Fantastic Attitude & Behaviour where we are looking to reward the children for all the amazing, kind and wonderful things they do.  Do the right thing and get the right reward is our approach and I think we will be seeing quite a few FAB badges by the end of this year.  Thanks to Mrs Wilkinson for her fabulous FAB idea. 


    It is common knowledge that, since the end of February, there is no longer any requirement to self-isolate following a positive test for anyone in England, whether or not they have been vaccinated.  The law has instead become guidance, with people being urged to act responsibly to reduce the spread of Covid-19.  The interpretation of this is quite wide and there has been a few cases where it has been unclear what the correct course of action is. 


    The Prime Minister has said: "Until April 1 we will still advise people who test positive to stay at home but after that we will encourage people with Covid-19 symptoms to exercise personal responsibility, just as we encourage people who may have flu to be considerate to others."  Whilst I can’t really help with the outside world, I thought it would be useful to clarify our approach at school so parents can be clear about the expectations. 

    We are still operating our 4 control measures of:

    1. Ensuring good hygiene
    2. Maintaining appropriate cleaning regimes
    3. Ventilation
    4. Following public health guidance

    Obviously, the situation is under dynamic review and I will ensure you are kept fully in the picture in relation to how the government guidance affects the running of the school.

    Enjoy the sunshine this weekend and keep up your fantastic support of the school – your positive attitude is making the school a better place each day.

    Stay safe everybody.                                  Dr Jones

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  • Field Place Infant School Christmas Events

    Published 29/11/21

    Dates for the diary

    Friday 10th - Christmas jumper day for staff and children. Click here to see our gallery of Christmas jumper photos.

    Mrs Campbell is organising this and would like to ask for donations to Cancer Research UK. She has also set up a Just Giving page, link is below.

    Monday 13th - Winters Evening Choir at 6pm

    Tuesday 14th – Reception Christmas Performance at 9.30am & 1.30pm

    Nursery Christmas Party (BOW)

    Wednesday 15th – Year One Christmas Performance at 9.30am & 1.30pm

    Nursery’s Sing a Long at 11am

    Children’s Christmas Lunch. If your child does not normally have a hot lunch but would like to on this day, please let the school office know by this Friday.

    Thursday 16th – Year Two Christmas Performance at 9.30am & 1.30pm

    Friday 17th – Christmas Parties + Nursery (EOW)

    Mufti Day

    Visit from Father Christmas 

    Last day at school.

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  • Parent Letter 5th November

    Published 07/11/21

    Dear All 

    The big news from this week, apart from the fantastic return to school by all the children, is the publication of the report from the recent Ofsted inspection.  You will all be receiving a copy of the report this week.   Although, the staff are obviously disappointed that the headline is that we are still deemed to require improvement, there are a great deal of positives in the report to suggest that the school is on a trajectory of improvement.  Although the new partnership with Orchards Junior had only been in place for two weeks at that point, the work over the summer and the first two weeks could clearly be seen to be having a positive effect.  

    Key elements to be proud of are:

    • The children feel safe and secure
    • Pupils are happy and are kind to each other 
    • Reading and maths are well sequenced and taught 
    • Early years provision is good
    • Pupils of all ages love books

    The areas for improvement had already been identified in our whole school review over the Summer before the inspection and form part of our School Improvement Plan for the next year. Key points for action are:

    1. To develop the curriculum in the foundation subjects so there is coherence in the planning and delivery to help all learners improve

    2. To continue with the positive development of improving behaviour consistently across the school

    3. To increase the opportunities in personal development provision building high cultural capital for all children 

    So, all in all, we have a clear road map for the future and I am extremely excited to be part of the team that will bring about these positive improvements.  Your confidence in us is much appreciated and it warmed my heart to see that parents and children want to be part of this journey too.    Strap in for an exciting mission to the stars! 

    Best wishes                                                                                                                            Dr. Jones

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  • Parent Letter 21st October

    Published 21/10/21

    I cannot believe we are at half term already – it has been such a positive experience being part of Field Place this term and I cannot thank you all enough for the welcome I have had.   As the term has progressed, I have been delighted with the progress the school is making and I hope that when you receive the Ofsted report you will be able to recognise the optimism about the future in the comments.   We have a clear plan for the future which is very exciting and whilst challenging, perfectly manageable.  If the progress we have made this half term is anything to go by then we will absolutely smash those targets! 

    Next half term brings us closer to Christmas so you will receiving information about the celebrations we will be having and of the opportunity to be part of the fun!  It is my intention going forward to combine the solid learning experiences with a real sense of fun about school.  We want the children to really enjoy school and have a FAB time with a FAB approach (Fantastic Attitude & Behaviour).

    It has been so enjoyable being part of the school community this half term but if I were pushed, I would say my three favourite things so far:

    • The children have been so welcoming and friendly, it makes each day a pleasure to be at the school.   My walks around the school are so enjoyable. 
    • The Behaviour of the children has been good and improving all the time – thank you for your support of this approach.  Better behaviour is good for everyone.  
    • The Alien Day last Friday was an absolute joy – the excitement and buzz (Lightyear???) about the place was awesome.  A big thanks to the staff for organising it, the parents for supporting it and the children for being out of this world! 

    If I could have one thing better…………………………

    I have talked to a few parents about the importance of setting a positive example to the children as adults, so let’s keep the high standard of how we are in front of the children showing courtesy to others, especially people like Linda the Lollipop Lady who does such a great job of keeping us all safe each day.  Give her a thank you now and again – I am sure she would appreciate it.  

    Thank you all again for making this a wonderful half term and let’s all work together to make the next one even better – as the aforementioned Buzz Lightyear would say – to infinity and beyond! 

    Best wishes                                                                                                                            Dr. Jones

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  • Parent Letter 1st October 2021

    Published 05/10/21

    Well it has been one busy and productive month and there is a lot to report upon as we reflect on the start of the school year.  The biggest news for me has been how well the new Reception children have started and it is a real pleasure to see them in class and in particular, the lunch hall where they have been setting the standard for fantastic eating!  In fact, I was coming over from Orchards and thought I was early as I could not hear any noise but they were all in there!  

    I have loved showing parents around the school and it is with great pride that I share with them the good things that are going on at the school.  The happy faces and welcome of the children is heartwarming and I really appreciate that a great deal. 

    Thank you to the parents who have supported our Key stage 1 and Early Years Reading meetings – this partnership is so important to your child’s progress and judging by the numbers we have lots of you on board for this particular journey.  

    The Ofsted Inspection visit was a bit of start to the year and although I am unable to share the details with you until publication, I would make the following judgements:

    1. The children were magnificent and I could not have asked for more from them

    2. The staff were brilliant and so were you parents – your positive comments in the survey and on the gate were a significant feature 

    3. There were no new things to improve upon that had not already been included in the School Improvement Plan devised this month, which has been put together with views from all stakeholders, so we can be confident we are evaluating well. 

    A few things I have noticed so far:

    • School uniform has been excellent and I would like to thank you for all your support on this.  A well-presented child usually does well in class so there is a good reason for making this effort.   
    • The Behaviour of the children has generally been very good and those who have transgressed have undertaken the consequences well, showing an improvement in their approach which is encouraging
    • The positive nature of the pick up and drop off each day has been wonderful.  I enjoy the smiles and happy faces each day so thank you so much for making this such a positive experience for all.    

    We began the partnership with Orchards Junior under the ‘Stronger Together’ maxim and I have no doubt we are already seeing the fruits of this union.  It is a real pleasure and privilege to be part of the Field Place team and I thank you all for your continued support. 

    Best wishes 

    Dr. Jones

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  • Parent Letter 10th September 2021

    Published 10/09/21

    Dear Parents

    Well, it has been a wonderful first week at Field Place and I would like to thank you all for the way that the children have been prepared for school, making it a very smooth start to the school year. In fact, I saw a little girl crying because she could not come to school! The good news was that we finally enjoyed a bit if summer so the sunshine (a bit late really!) and the smiles certainly made me feel welcome at the school. I have been lucky enough to meet so many wonderful children and I am sure we will be great friends for a long time! The children have got down to work quickly so I am very optimistic for a successful year for the school. We have been planning some great activities for the children in the coming months and, taking advantage of the restrictions being lifted, should bring a real sense of enjoyment to the children’s learning. Speaking of restrictions, please always be considerate of others in your movement around the school vicinity as well as ensuring that your leave your car with due regard to the homeowners of houses nearby.

    We really value the importance of good communication and to this end please make sure you speak to us about anything you wish, either at the gate or through the class teacher e-mail. Please be considerate of when you would expect a response though. We all write e-mails at all different times but I have made it clear to the staff that we should be checking our e-mails at the beginning and end of each working day but not 24/7 as this is not a reasonable use of time. The e-mails are for your child’s class so Fox class is and so on.

    As a person who has just started, I can highly recommend working here! You may be interested to know we are currently looking for a Midday meals supervisor for 10 hours per week Monday to Friday. If you are interested in this position, please contact the school office by telephone or e-mail:

    We have also agreed to have the same Inset days as the Orchards so we will publish all the upcoming dates next week so you are kept fully informed. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

    Dr Jones

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  • Week beginning 26th April

    Published 26/04/21

    Dear Parents

    We have had a lovely first week back in school and all the children have enjoyed the sunshine and our broader curriculum.  Year two have been looking at the design of healthy fruit salads ready to develop and make their own.  I am sure they would then love to make them at home for the whole family to try.

    The children have been developing their drawing and painting skills since returning to school in March and their flower drawings and paintings are stunning.  A small gallery of this work is being prepared for the website and I will let you know when this is ready.

    Star Reader

    Please find attached this week’s star readers and their book recommendations.

    Holiday Forms

    As the restrictions are beginning to relax, I am beginning to receive requests for time off school for holidays.  I would like to clarify the school’s policy on this.  I am not able to authorise time off from school for holidays and these days will therefore be registered as unauthorised.  If a child accrues 5 days unauthorised absence, this must be referred to the pupil entitlement team who can then issue a fine. 

    I am aware that many families have had holidays cancelled due to the pandemic and that holiday companies are not always being flexible about when these can be rebooked.  If you can prove that you originally booked a holiday out of school time and are now only being offered dates within the school term, the school will consider whether this constitutes exceptional circumstances and may be able to authorise up to 5 days.

    With thanks

    Theresa Alford

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  • Week beginning 19th April

    Published 19/04/21

    We look forward to welcoming the children back to school this week and hope that you all had a lovely Easter break.

    The Government guidance for schools has not changed since the return to school on March 8th, so we will continue under our current risk assessment.  Although numbers of positive cases have fallen significantly, please continue to follow both Government and School protocols to ensure we keep the whole community as safe as possible.

    We will be broadening our curriculum for the Summer term and children in key stage one will begin with a topic called, ‘Food Glorious Food’.  They will be learning about healthy eating and making the most of the school allotment to grow vegetables. 

    As the term progresses, we will let you know how the transition to Junior school will be managed to support the year two children as best we can in the current situation.

    Those of you who have children starting school with us in September, we will be watching guidance carefully to see how we are able to welcome you and the children to the school later in the term.

    Staffing Updates

    We will be welcoming Mrs Payton-Butcher back to school and she will be supporting children in Reception.  Mr Robert Gill is looking forward to teaching Mouse Class for the rest of this year.  Mr Grant Smith will be moving to a new job in the next few weeks, and I am sure you would join me in thanking him for all his work to keep the premises safe and tidy over the last few years.

    Term dates for your diary:

    Monday 19th April – start of the Summer Term

    Monday 3rd May – Bank Holiday

    Week Beginning 31st May – Half Term

    Thursday 22nd July – Final day for children

    With thanks

    Theresa Alford

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  • Week beginning 14th March

    Published 14/03/21

    Dear Parents

    It has been wonderful to have the children back in school this week.  They settled fantastically and clearly enjoyed seeing their teacher and meeting with all their friends.  We will continue next week with a curriculum that supports their emotional wellbeing while we finish assessing any significant loss of learning.  

    A couple of general reminders

    • On PE days, we are happy for the children to wear jogging/tracksuit bottoms, but could they please wear their usual school polo shirt and jumper. 
    • Please avoid putting water bottles inside bookbags as we regularly have leaks that then destroy home/school books.
    • The return of all children has inevitably increased the traffic outside the school.  Local residents have requested that I remind parents to not park over driveways.  If possible, please park away from the school and walk the final part of your journey.  The traffic situation is often stressful and significantly unsafe for families crossing the road. 
    • There is an INSET day booked for Thursday 1st April .  This means the last day of term for children will be Wednesday 31st March.

    With Thanks


    Theresa Alford

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  • Week beginning 8.3.21

    Published 07/03/21

    Dear Parents

    We are all looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school tomorrow. Our first week’s curriculum has been developed to ensure we support children to settle back into routines and spend quality time with their friends. 

    I have been asked by the home learning team of teachers to say a huge thank you to all our parents who have been home educating their children.  Teachers cannot sing your praises enough in terms of the effort and dedication you have put in.  I have been told many examples of how parents have upskilled themselves and worked tirelessly to support their children, often learning strategies that are quite different from those used when they were at school.  I hope that one of the positives that can come out of this situation is that parents feel they have a better understanding of how to support their children’s learning.  I know many people will worry about whether their child has fallen behind, but there is no doubt that with your dedication the children have been progressing.  We will be assessing the children carefully over the next couple of weeks to ensure any additional support can be put in place if needed. 


    Because the children are often doing the golden mile and additional physical activities outside of their PE lessons, we are happy for children to come to school each day in trainers.  Please do not send your children to school with boots or any shoes with a high heel as this will mean they cannot access the playground equipment safely.

    Lovely News

    I am happy to announce that Mrs Gunner is expecting a baby in June.  We will let parents in Swan Class know the school arrangements around this as soon as we are able.  Swan Class will now be located in what was Squirrel Classroom.  This is the room just opposite the one they have been used to.  

    We look forward to welcoming everyone back in the morning and please let your children know how excited teachers are about seeing them again. 

    With Thanks

    Theresa Alford

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  • Week beginning 1st March 2021

    Published 28/02/21

    Dear Parents

    We are looking forward to welcoming all the children back to school on Monday 8th March.  We have revisited our risk assessment considering the current Government guidance.  Our previous protocols remain in place with the addition of some further safety procedures.

    • Staff will wear face masks when moving around the building and in common areas.
    • Staff now have access to lateral flow testing twice a week. (Infant age children are not expected to wear face masks and there will be no asymptomatic testing of the children) 
    • Where possible, parents/carers should wear face masks when dropping off and collecting children.

    The Government have said that schools can now provide wrap around childcare and run outside clubs.  Unfortunately, we are currently not able to offer all the above.  Our after-school club was closed due to lack of numbers and was not financially viable.  Our breakfast club has always been well attended and we do hope to offer this in the future.  Currently, we do not have the available staff to run the club. The age of our children means we could not maintain socially distanced groups in the breakfast club, and this could impact on the confidence of staff and parents in our procedures. 

    In the summer term, we will be offering outdoor after school clubs to children in key stage one.  These clubs will be run in class bubbles.  This means clubs will not run for as many weeks as usual to ensure all the children are given equal opportunity.

    Please find below a reminder of our general procedures and protocols for parents: 

    Drop off and Collection:

    The school will continue to operate a staggered start and end to the day. Groups will continue to be staggered by year group, not class.

     Year Group

    Arrive time

    Pick up time

    Year Two

    Between 8:30 and 8:40


    Year One

    Between 8:40 and 8:50



    Between 8:50 and 8:55



    Between 8:55 and 9:05


    Sibling drop off

    If you have multiple children who attend Field Place you may drop them all off just before 8:40, there will be a sign up!

    Sibling collection

    If you have year 3 children to collect from The Orchards you may collect all of your Field Place children at 2:20. If you have multiple children just at Field Place you may collect them all just before 2:30, again there will be a sign up!

    • Parents should not arrive earlier than their allotted time.
    • Unless your child has a significant need, only one parent should accompany children to school.
    • When you arrive, please queue along the path observing a 2-metre distance from other parents. 
    • Your children should stay with you and not socialise with other families as you wait.
    • During your ten minutes drop off time, the class teacher will be waiting on the playground to welcome the children. The teacher will begin taking children to the classroom once the first half of the class have arrived, in order to begin hand washing. Support staff will greet and take down all other children arriving during this time slot.
    • Children will leave you at the gate and go into school and line up with their teacher
    • If you arrive after your allotted time, your child will need to walk by themselves to their classroom.
    • There will be a one-way system in place, which means you will leave the school through the carpark. (This will be safe, as no cars will arrive or leave during these times.
    • To keep the flow of people moving and maintain social distancing, we cannot store bikes or scooters at this time.  If your child arrives by bike or scooter, you will need to take this home with you.
    • We anticipate that queues may extend onto the pavement outside the school. NO DOGS should be secured near where parents or children are queuing. Please leave dogs at home.
    • Parents should maintain social distancing and not gather in groups before or after school.
    • At pick up time, class teachers will bring the children onto the small playground to wait for their adult.  Parents should queue using the same protocol as the morning.  The adult on the gate will ask who you have come to collect, and your child will then be sent to you. We will ensure that siblings can be collected at the same time.
    • Families will then leave the site using the one-way system
    • Teachers will be unable to talk to parents at the beginning or end of the day.  Any concerns or problems will be addressed via phone.  

    What will my child need to bring to school?

    • A water bottle
    • A sunhat
    • A coat (depending on weather)
    • A packed lunch if they are not having school dinners
    • A school book bag

    The children will not need to bring in a PE kit, but should come to school dressed for PE on PE days. For hygiene reasons, children cannot bring in any toys or other items from home. Things made in school will be brought home on Fridays, allowing time for these items to stay in children’s drawers for 24 hours or more.

    We are aware that children in the nursery and reception may need a transition toy.  This is a developmental stage where transition objects can be supportive, and we understand that leaving parents at the gate can be tricky for such young children. If a nursery or reception child needs a transition toy, it will be stored in the teacher’s cupboard and only used by the one child when needed.

    Children will be bringing home books from school, as learning to read is a priority skill for infants.  Once returned, reading books will be stored out of circulation for 48 hours before being used by other children.

    Hygiene and Cleanliness Procedures

    The children will be washing their hands regularly throughout the day – on arrival, before and after play, before and after lunch, before PE and after PE and at the end of the day.  They will also wash their hands if they cough, sneeze or are seen to specifically lick their hands or put their fingers in their mouth. Children will be told to use a tissue or their elbow if they need to cough or sneeze and then bin the tissue and wash their hands.

    As class sizes are returning to 30, it is not possible for each child to sit at a separate table.  However, all children in key stage one will have their own drawer and a pencil case with their own frequently used resources – (pencil, handwriting pen, crayons, scissors and glue stick). Children will have their own ruler, which will be kept in their drawer. 

    In Nursery and Reception, play equipment will not be shared between groups and will be cleaned regularly.

    Where possible, each class will have exclusive use of a toilet block.  This means that girls and boys will be sharing a toilet block.  Where this is not possible, no more than two classes will use a toilet area.  These toilets will have additional cleaning throughout the day.  Staff will monitor the use of shared toilets to avoid children from different classes coming into contact.

    Door handles, toilets and tables in classrooms will be disinfected regularly during the day. Each classroom will be cleaned with disinfectant/bleach at the end of the day.  Classrooms will be well- ventilated, and windows left open whenever possible.

    Distancing Procedures

    Classes will use their outside doors to enter and exit the building.  Apart from going to the Hall for hot lunches, classes will not need to use the corridors.  There will be no whole school assemblies and PE will be timetabled for outside whenever possible. 

    The school office will not be open for parents to drop in.  If you have a query or need to purchase school items, please call the office on 01903 700234.

    Play and Lunchtime

    The large playground will be separated into play zones. We are lucky that we also have the small playground and the reception play area.  This means that we can successfully timetable separate play areas for each group of children.  Teachers will explain to children where they can play and that they cannot play with children in a different zone.

    With more children in school, we will now need to use the Hall to serve some lunches. No more than two classes will eat in the hall at any one time and tables will be disinfected before the next sitting.  Some hot lunches will be served to children in their classrooms.  After lunch, the children will go to their play zone.

    What happens if someone becomes unwell?

    It is very important that if your child or anyone in your family has any of the three confirmed symptoms of Covid-19, you should not bring your child to school. These symptoms are:

    • a new continuous cough
    • a high temperature
    • a loss of, or change in, you normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

    If your child or a member of your family does have any of these symptoms, you need to be willing to:

    • Book a coronavirus test
    • Contact the school immediately once the test result is known
    • Provide details of anyone you have been in close contact with if you were to test positive
    • Self-isolate if you have been in close contact with someone who develops Covid-19 symptoms or someone who tests positive for Covid-19

    If a negative result is confirmed, your child can return to school as soon as they feel well.

    If you or your child do not have a test, they will be unable to return to school for 10 days after the first sign of symptoms.

    If a positive result is confirmed, the sick person should self-isolate for 10 days.  After 10 days, if the person who showed symptoms does not have a high temperature, they do not need to continue to self-isolate.  If they still have a high temperature, they should continue to self-isolate until the temperature returns to normal.  They do not need to self-isolate if they only have a cough or anosmia after 10 days, as these symptoms can last for several weeks after the infection has gone.  Other household members must not leave the house for 10 days.  if anyone else in the household starts displaying symptoms, they should also book a test.

    If school is informed of a positive test, we will contact our local public health department and follow their guidance and advice.  Procedures in school mean that we will be able to trace the groups of children who have been in close contact with the child.

    If a child shows symptoms of Covid-19 while at school, they will be isolated from other children.  A trained first aider will support the child and remain with them until an adult arrives to collect them.  If the first aider is unable to maintain a two-meter distance, they will wear PPE while they wait with the child.  This will comprise of a facemask, gloves, and an apron.  Children who are unwell will be cared for in the side entrance to the school.  This will allow parents to pick children up with ease.

    If a member of staff becomes unwell, they will book a test straight away.  The school is able to employ supply teachers to cover absence. Classes will not need to close unless positive testing leads to local public health officials advising the school to do so.

    Changes to Curriculum

    The school is dedicated to providing children with a broad, balanced and creative curriculum.  However, our core purpose within the infant phase is to ensure that children enter the junior school able to read, write and work with numbers to 100.  Reading is the gateway to all other areas of the curriculum and children who do not gain these skills can struggle to access the other areas of the curriculum moving forward.  We know that parent have been doing a fantastic job to support their children at home, but loss of learning over time is potentially going to be a significant challenge for this cohort of children.  We will therefore be focussing our initial teaching up to Easter on these core skills.

    We know that the emotional wellbeing of the children is also paramount and our Personal, Social, Heath and Relationships curriculum will be enhanced to support the children.  There will be many opportunities for children to play together and work outside the classroom with a focus on science and art pursuits. Our curriculum cornerstones, the power of talk, growth mindset, broadening horizons and love of the natural world, will continue to underpin our offer where possible. 

    We will reintroduce further areas of the curriculum after Easter.  Subject leaders will identify the key skills the children need as a foundation to the next stage in their education. 

    In the event of a child/group of children needing to self-isolate, home learning will be available for all children. 


    Attendance at school is mandatory from March 8th and our usual protocols will be in place.  Please contact the school as soon as you know your child will not be attending.  All unreported absence will be followed up daily by the admin team.  Unauthorised absences of 10 sessions (5 days) will be referred to the school entitlement team.  If you are having any difficulties getting your child to school, please talk to us as soon as possible so we can support you.

    We look forward to seeing you all on the 8th March and will continue to use parentmail for any further updates.  If you have any whole school questions regarding the return to school, please contact us via If you have any individual concerns about the return to school, please contact us via 

    With Thanks

    Theresa Alford

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  • Week beginning 22.2.21

    Published 21/02/21

    I hope you all had a good half term.  

    The Government plan to set out their roadmap out of lockdown tomorrow, including when and how children will return to school.  Once we have received guidance on this, we will let you know our plans for managing what I hope will be a full return to school for the children. Until then, please continue to access the daily home learning and let us know if you have any queries or difficulties. 

    Mrs McGillivray has asked me to remind you that following the World Book Day letter sent out last week, don't forget to save some recycling this week ready for our exciting book activities starting Monday 1st March!

    Please also log into your child's new Rising Stars online library. Information about how to do this was emailed to everyone on Monday and can also be found on each of the year group daily home learning pages. 

    A reminder of key contact information:

    • For children attending school, please let us know immediately if there is a positive case of coronavirus in your family. Call 700234 (after school hours or weekend, please email )
    • For children attending school, please let us know about absence before 8:30pm each day. Call 700234
    • Queries about online learning should be addressed to the class teacher managing your child’s learning.
    • Technical issues, please use or call 700234
    • Welfare of safeguarding concerns should be sent to or call 700234 and ask for Mrs Alford or Ms Worsfold.

    With thanks

    Theresa Alford

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